NHS orthodontic treatment options

On the 1st April 2006, the Department of Health introduced a new system for NHS orthodontic treatment. The system is intended to provide treatment for children under 18 years of age who require orthodontic treatment on grounds which have been established using a complex system of measurements called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs (IOTN).

Under the terms of the NHS dental contract, funding for treatment will be directed at those patients for whom treatment will give an improvement in their dental health and not just in the appearance of their teeth.  

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he IOTN index gives higher weighting to cases needing treatment for an improvement in dental health.

IOTN indicators include:
  • missing or impacted teeth
  • significant crowding of teeth
  • increased prominence of teeth
  • abnormal bite causing trauma and/or functional problems.
Cases are also assessed on aesthetic grounds. Those with a low aesthetic score are unlikely to qualify for orthodontic treatment under the NHS.

NHS waiting times

Our current waiting list for an NHS orthodontic assessment is 24-36 months, but with allowance for fast tracking urgent cases (2-6 months). Once you have been assessed and qualify for NHS treatment you will be able to start treatment as soon as needed

our specialist treatments

We offer a full range of specialist orthodontic services to patients in Cowbridge, the Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding areas to give our patients the smile they've always wanted. We also work closely with other specialists allowing access to top class care in the private sector. You can learn more about our specialist services here:

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family friendly

We treat children, teens and adults so whatever your concerns, you are in experienced and professional hands. All of our patients are different with different orthodontic needs, which is why we treat them as individuals.

Under 12s

We like to meet patients at age 10-11 years so we can plan the best time for treatment. An early diagnosis can dramatically reduce the amount of treatment needed later on and decrease the chance of needing to remove adult teeth before the smile straightening procedures can take place.

We have a proven track record of achieving fantastic results for our teenage patients and tailor their treatment to produce a smile that gives them confidence and complement their face.

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