Helping to Manage Anxiety

dental sedation

dental sedation

For those who suffer dental anxiety, sitting in a dentist’s chair is the most difficult things you can do. In some cases, even making an appointment, much less showing up is a huge challenge and knowing that expert dental care is good for you doesn’t make it any easier.

Here at cowbridge orthodontics, we fully understand this condition and, rest assured we help anxious patients every single day.  

Sedation dentistry is one of the ways we are now able to make dental care easier for you or someone you love. If your child is a nervous patient and struggles visiting the dentist, don't dismiss treatment, instead get in touch with us and we will put your child at ease and sedate them for the duration of their treatment appointment.


edation dentistry describes as the use of medication to create a relaxed state so someone can receive dental care. The reasons people choose to undergo dental sedation vary.

Sedation helps patients relax. Many people become tense even if they understand the dentist or hygienist is only trying to help. Dental sedation can help create a feeling of calm throughout a cleaning or other procedure.

Sedation prevents pain. At an advanced modern dentist office like Galleria of Smiles, we have many techniques and technologies that make dental care as painless as possible. Even so, some people prefer the reassurance that their care will be pain-free, and sedation dentistry can make that happen.

Sedation can save time. For a patient in need of more complex treatment, sedation can allow us to complete more work in fewer appointments. With dental sedation, you will be able to stay longer during each appointment, which can make multiple appointments unnecessary.

Sedation can help you “forget” your dental care. With some sedation options, you may not remember much or any of the details of your dental care. You’ll still receive the benefits, although you may not have any memory of the specifics. Some patients consider this the biggest benefit of dental sedation.

kinds of dental sedation

Here at Cowbridge Orthodontics our highly experienced Hygienist can see you without you seeing a Dentist first. The treatments that we can offer without a prescription are:

Simple scale and polish
Stain removal
Treatment of gum disease
Oral hygiene instruction
Plaque, bleeding and periodontal indices

Referral to a Dentist

If the hygienist advises you to see a dentist, it is because they feel that it is in the interests of your health and outside their scope of practice.

There are circumstances when a hygienist can’t start treatment, and before they are prepared to continue, insist that a dentist assesses you. It may relate to your medical history and general health, or condition of your mouth, which gives them concern.

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